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Heading Home by Lucia Alberti Artist

Bring the beauty of the countryside into your home with the stunning "Heading Home" painting. This captivating piece features a flock of sheep making their way home amidst an approaching storm, creating a sense of drama and movement. The skilled use of color and texture in this artwork creates a truly immersive experience, making it a perfect focal point for any room. The artist's attention to detail and ability to capture the mood of the scene adds an extra layer of depth to this captivating painting. Add a touch of rural charm to your home with "Heading Home" and transport yourself to the peaceful countryside every time you look at it.


Heading Home

  • No returns prints..

    14 days original art, customer pays return shipping.

  • Free shipping. 

    Free shipping original Art within the U.S. includes flat rate of $100 (non-refundable) covering handling.

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