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Into The Woods by Lucia Alberti Artist

Step into the magical world of the forest with our stunning painting, "Into The Woods." This lush landscape captures the beauty of nature as autumn approaches, with vibrant foliage and a peaceful creek flowing through the heart of the forest. The gentle deer adding a touch of tranquility as they stop to drink from the crystal-clear waters. This captivating scene is perfect for bringing the peaceful and serene beauty of nature into your home. Expertly painted with attention to detail, "Into The Woods" will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room. Embrace the changing seasons with this enchanting painting that brings the serene beauty of the forest into your living space.

Into The Woods

  • No return prints,

    14 days original art,  customer pays return shipping.

  • Free Shipping 

    Original art includes flat rate of $135 (non-refundable) covering  handling within the U.S.

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